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Concert #1: December 28, 1999in the House of Blues, LA

This being my first Stevie Nicks concert ever, I was more than excited. Then I found out that my companion, Kory, was given backstage access at the House of Blues for Christmas, which just put moer over the top! It was also my first trip to any House of Blues, excluding one time in Chicago when we went inside to find out the cover charge was $20 and left.

So, to the night of the concert...

We were stoked and freakd when we got to the HOB, there was a line from here to OZ waiting to get in, so we walked around to the back, showed our names on the backstage-access, list, and got cool wrist bands that gave us full-access. Then we went to the third floor, where there was a hallway of rooms and a awesome bar. We sat there fully knowing Stevie was very near us, probably having her hair done or getting dressed for the concert.

About 1/2 hour before the show was to start, we begin to walk around the area to see what we could find. Then we noticed we have a seperate entrance to the stage! We walked right in the room, ahead of the entire line! When we got inside, there was already a small crowd there-the people with dinner reservations. We were sneaky, though, and made our way to front center (with only two people in front of us) by pushing through the crowd. We ended up pissing some poeple off, but it was all worth it. OH, WAS IT WORTH IT.

The concert was amazing. Absolutely. We could see Stevie so clearly- every facial expression, every gesture...including these awesome high kicks she kept doing(there was a HUGE one during the break of Stand Back, and the crowd went nuts!). She was overly amazing, beautiful, and cheerful and looked relieved that the crowd was so responsive.

It was especailly great for me, ecepcially when Stevie noted that since the Storytellers show, she has felt compelled to talk more during her concerts. And so she talked between almost every song! She made some graet comments on her music and words, which is very important to lyric lovers live me. She said one funny thing about the line "Well, I hope you make it..." in "Enchanted." She said, "You know, I look back at some stuff I wrote, and it's funny how srcastic I used to be. The line 'I hope you make it' means exactly the OPPOSITE!" The crowd was just eating it all up and that was a great moment of the concert.

Then she said something funny about the coming new year; she said, "So we're getting close to this new, millenium thing. And I just want to say, that I think everything is going to be fine." Again, the crowd soaked in her words and cheered.

I have to admit, though, that one of the best moments for me was locking eyes with her...I FROZE. Her eyes were amazing.... Another great moment was when GDW started...she did a little jump and ran offstage- she forgot to put on her gold shawl! It was so cool...and humane.

So after the show, we went back upstairs(full-acess, baby!) We right away got to meet EVERYONE in the band, from drummers to guitarists to Sharon and Mindi...all while we waited and waited for Stevie. By the time Steive was going to leave, there was only four of us waiting for her....(we waited a LONG time). Adjacent to her dressing room there was another room with an elevator. When stevie came out of her room, she saw us an tried waking to us to meet us...she had her doggies in her hand, and looked like she was trying to hand them to somebody so she could come to us....but the security guys edged her to the elevator...she looked at them said something to them...but they still pushed her away...she looked back at us, waved, said thenks...she looked lke she was sorry she couldn't meet us....but we were like four feet from her...and she is so beautiful I can't describe it!

Overall, it was a great night and I will never forget it! We bonded with other Stevie fans from all over the counrty, ones who had been to many Stevie concerts as well as those like me, who were at their first. Oh, what a night!

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