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January 9, 2000 at the Anaheim Sun Theatre

First of all, let me say that the Sun Theatre is absolutely wonderful! For a stress-free, relaxed but memorable concert, go see one at the Sun! It is a dinner-concert hall, so you have to buy dinner with your seat. In the front, there is a pit area and it is the choice of the performer what to do with that area. Lucky us, they decided to put four rows of seats-going right up to the stage.

We drove up, and with no long lines of cars or people, we drove in and walked to the entrance. Now, I am a sensible and poor college student, so the fact that we got these ROW 2 SEATS was amazing. So there we were, two hours early, walking to the very front of the whole place. The stage was right there in front of us...

Possibly the most awseome thing besides the show was that this time we met the most open and amazing people. There were two nice guys in front of us (who helped us get to the front for "Edge"- but that's later). This night was just full of nice, clam, and amazing Stevie fans. We bonded with so many people that night, sharing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac stories. That magical aura Stevie Nicks is known for seemed to be seeping in the ventilation, becuase there was really magic all around us- in the people we were surrounded by.

One thing I enjoyed the most about the atmosphere of the Anaheim Sun was how relaxed it was. Sure, there were the partiers and drinkers, but for the most part the hall was filled with a laid-back feeling. Those who bought dinner with their tickets were enjoying dinner. Those in the front like us were sitting around, having drinks, and sharing the effects of Stevie in our lives. Quite amazing, actually.

More amazing was the concert itself- it too had this magical sense to everything. It was also a bit smoother than the first show at the House of Blues. What was really great was that the band members and Mindy and Sharon saw us in the front. They not only recognized us, since we met them all backstage at the House of BLues, but they acknowledged us! I know these musicans get little recogniztion (who would being onstage with Stevie!) so it felt good to show them our appreication.

Stevie herself was less shaky- although probably just as nervous- and she spoke less than she did at the House of Blues. The song list was the same, and the band jammed even better after their short tour. The music sounded great, Stevie sounded amazing, and we admiered her even more since she was doing it all with a broken foot!

This time around, we were breathtaken- Stevie not only incorporated a tambourine into her act, she also included a couple of spins! We all held our breath when she spun- there was one double spin that got her from standing next to the guitarist (Carlos) and to her mic to sing. Another was during "Stand Back" which she also repeated the high kick at the break.

For "Edge of 17" we were right in front- the closest I have ever been to Stevie. All I can say about this, since it is so personal, is that it was a beautiful night for all of us Stevie fans honored enough to be there.

I really hope Stevie chooses this venue again- it was amazing and fitted the aura of her shows very well.

For more information on concerts at the Sun, visit them online:
The Anaheim Sun Theatre

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