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Stevie Nicks Quotes from 2001

For December 2001:

No doubt, no pain 
Come ever again, well 
Let there be light in this lifetime 
In the cool, silent moments of the nighttime 

     -- Planets of the Universe

For November 2001:

So still there is a fire..that no one sees
She doesn't even see it either..
Or so everyone thinks..

     -- Fire Burning

For October 2001:

And don't condescend to me
Take your leave
Take your leave
Take your leave of me now
Disappear into the air
I wish you gone
And I don't care

I know you don't believe it..

     -- Planets of the Universe (extended lyrics)

For September 2001:

So we both play
It gets under your skin
And we both the love the road
But the roads are different

    -- Violet and Blue

For August 2001:

I can still hear you saying
you would never break the chain..

  -- The Chain

For July 2001:

I've been with you before 
I'll be with you again 
I'll come back for more, yea 
The story has a strange ending 

   -- Nomad/Candlebright

For June 2001:

Maybe I am calmer now 
Maybe things are fine 
Maybe I made the whole thing up 
Maybe it isn't a lie 
Maybe the reason I say these things 
Is to bring you back alive 
Maybe I fought this long and this hard 
Just to make sure you survive 

   -- Fall From Grace

For May 2001:

Well, I am not happy
And I am not crazy
Are you listening, do you hear
Everything happens for a reason
Stay clear

 -- Love Changes, from Trouble in Shangri-La

For April 2001:

To feel the empty spaces she's feeling
She depends on her music like a husband
And she knows it's no good to fall in love again...
One day they were day they were friends
There was nothing else to say

     -- Ghosts

For March 2001:

There was another girl;
she was much like you...
She lived in the past
and had trouble with the future.
Well, she walked with her head held high
nd her hands held down at the sides;
it was everything that I had not wanted-
there were reasons to be crazy

      -- Real Tears

For February 2001:

Quiet now, songbird, just for one night
Well, I know that you love to sing
And, oh baby, well, I know that you love to write
You live by the light of the moon
and I live by light of desire

     -- Thousand Days

For January 2001:

But I knew that this was just for now
And the time would take its toll upon
us all
Well it would break our hearts
Tear it apart
But no one understood
The affairs of the heart

    -- Affairs of the Heart

Photo from The Nicks Fix.

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