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For January 2002:       

It's like purple haze It's there every day Its passion never fades You know what I mean

-- Bombay Sapphires ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For February 2002 Maybe I sleep in a bed of roses maybe they were always there maybe I didn't see them then the answers to my prayers falling down in a crystal ball into crystal stairs doing the same things over and over just going in for repair.. -- Fall From Grace (demo) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For March 2002 It was the best of times It was the worst of times.. and they both rush by like a thief in the night: taking no prisoners just like the first time Adventures in paradise just like the first time.." -- Make Believe (TISL demo) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For April 2002 Well you can be my prisoner well, you're not living in the real world; you're not living in the real world.. -- Whole Lotta Trouble ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For May 2002 Every night that goes between I feel a little less.. as you slowly go away from me, this is only another test -- Storms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For June 2002 So long ago It's a certain time, It's a certain place.. you touched my hand and you smiled all the way back you held out your hand.. If I hope and if I pray Ooh it might work out someday -- Seven Wonders ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For July 2002 I just played the part, I didn't win or lose.. maybe next time I'll think about how I'm feeling.. -- Doing The Best I Can ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For August 2002 Well I hear you, in the morning.. Well I hear you at nightfall Sometimes to be near you is to be unable to hear you.. my love.. -- Edge of 17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For September 2002 Yes, I know you Though we've been out of touch Yes, I know you To be continued, it's too much baby -- I Can't Wait ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For October 2002 Like a heartbeat that drives you mad in the stillness of remembering of what you had.. and what you lost. -- Dreams ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For November 2002 Don't explain... Just lay back and watch the rain Cause darling I'm right here... And nothing's changed Don't you know by now... I would not even know how To keep myself from falling for you I'll be around -- Unconditional Love ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For December 2002 I have no fear I have only love.. -- Gypsy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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