For June 1999:

  "I watched you fly through the world in a golden ball
   many of the cities, well, I never saw at all.
   Sometimes I feel I was always on call,
   sometimes even I am allowed to fall."

      -- Sweet Girl (live)

For July 1999:

  "I have my own life, 
   and I am stronger than you know.
   But I carry this feeling:
   when you walked into my house
   you won't be walking out the door."

     -- Leather and Lace

For August 1999:

  "No one knows how I feel, what I say
   unless you read between my lines.
   One man walked away from me;
   first he took my hand...take me home."

     -- Stand Back

For September 1999:

"One more night 
 I'd like to lie and hold you
 Yes and feel...
 To make you smile,
 I'd like to be there for you--
 Have you forgotten me?"

     -- If You Ever Did Believe

For October 1999:

  "We come from different worlds
   but we are the same.
   I never doubted your beauty--
   I've changed."

     -- Beauty and the Beast

For November 1999:

"And it all comes down to you
 Well, you know that it does
 Well, lightning strikes,
 maybe once, maybe twice
 Ah, and it lights up the night."

     -- Gypsy

For December 1999:

"And to those that I love
 Like a ghost through a fog;
 Like a charmed hour
 And a haunted song:
 And the angel, of my dreams..."

     -- Angel


Past Quotes 1999

photo courtesy Nicks Fix Photo Page

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