will never break the chain.

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If you don't love me now


you will never love me again


The Chain: In Honor of Fleetwood Mac

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And it all comes down to you...

This is a page dedicated to one of rock and roll's most influential band. I am only as old as the Rumors album, but I recall back to my early years and hearing Mac songs on our 8-track player.

The evolution of Fleetwood Mac is quite interesting: there have been over 25 different members in the band in over 27 years. The most famous, however, is the fab five that emotionally churned out five albums in the 70's/80's. Lindsay Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, John McVie, Christine McVie, and Mick Fleetwood combined to make musical healines and history.

In May 1997, this fab five reunited for the twientith-year anniversery of the "Rumors" album. It was a great concert; the band sounded better then ever!

The Fleetwood Mac Saga continued April 2003 with the release of Say You Will, their first studio album in over a decade. The album is currently being supported with an American Tour. The group also has it's own official web site and fan club. Click on the Peacekeeper banner above to visit www.fleetwoodmac.com.

Second Hand News

OFFICIAL RE-RELEASE OF BUCKINGHAM NICKS and past FM Albums are said to be launched shortly. Word is the new albums are supposedly double-disc sets, remastered for better sound. Check back for more info.

The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac, a double-CD set of tracks from the Buckingham/Nicks era of the Mac was released last spring, and debuted at #12 on the American and European charts.

I can still hear you saying you will never break the chain. . .

Say You Will

Quote of the Month

I let you slip away 
There was nothing I could do 
That was so long ago, yeah 
Still I often think of you

  -- Say Goodbye