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January 2003

Was I so wrong?
Why am I always so intense??

    -- Fall From Grace
February 2003 

There is magic all around you,
if I do say so myself..
well I have known this much longer
than I know you..

  -- Rooms On Fire
March 2003

The sea never changes - not really 
It is the constant in my life 
I always return here 
To the flash of those colors 

   -- Bombay Sapphires
April 2003

I could not be her, 
I did not want to..
my first mistake was to
smile at you~

   - Smile At You
May 2003

I'm running in brilliant colors
I'm running straight toward, straight toward
What you know is really wrong
Too many flowers here to cut down
For the love I have for your life
Turn around

   -- Running Through The Garden
June 2003

Sometimes I walk by 
and I look up to your balcony
Just to make sure that you were real
Just to make sure that I can still feel you

   -- Destiny Rules
July 2003

(No quote for July- I was too busy
 traveling to many FM Concerts!!)
August 2003 

Maybe it's just something else
That you can't tell me
Maybe it's in the way that you 
Look away from me 

  -- Everybody Finds Out
September 2003

Who in the world do you think that you are fooling?

   -- Two Kinds of Love
I never took the time to realize
how much I needed love to survive
I was so spoiled, a princess in my time
and your love was so deep,
and mine, so blind

  -- Rose Garden

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